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This site contains the family tree of Andrew and Jodie (Taylor) Szudy. We currently have over 6500 relatives in our family tree, and we are adding more to the tree fairly frequently.

Andy's side of the family includes the surnames Szudy, Dunlap, Kirch, Ganser, McKee, Porter, Fehlandt, Hillard, Dresser, LaFarree, Dennis, France, and many others. His ancestors primarily come from the Midwest and the Northeast of the United States and from Poland, Germany, England, Northern Ireland, Sweden and the Netherlands.

Jodie's side of the family includes the surnames Taylor, Fell, Evans, Watrous, Ball, Huggins, Holcomb, Yeomans, Hart, Walburn, Poock, Voige, Ford, Miller, Buckles, Bewley, Clark, Martin, Wilson, and many others. Her ancestors primarily come from Ohio and the Northeast of the United States and from England, Wales, Ireland, Scotland and Germany.

In order to preserve the privacy of all living people in the family tree, the names of all living individuals have been replaced with "Living." Likewise, no facts or notes about living individuals are on this website.

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NameSelby H. Hillard
Born12 DEC 1883, Portage Twp., Wood County, Ohio