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Per the 1900 Census, he was born in October 1862. On the form, the 1862 was written over a crossed out 1867.

Per his Social Security application, he was born on July 25, 1883. Obviously, the year was very wrong.

The 1910 Census lists him as 41 years old, which would make his birth year approximately 1869.

The 1920 Census lists him as 55 years old, which would make his birth year approximately 1865.

According to his burial record and his death certificate, he was 85 years old in 1949, which would make his birth year approximately 1864. 
Michalak, Andrzej (I34)
-- MERGED NOTE ------------

Mr. R. R. Hilliard of Bowling Green made arrangements with the General Union Bell Co. to run their telephone line to Perrysburg on upon the agreement of providing at least 50 subscribers. By January of 1900, most of the work was well under way. Business phones paid $21 per year, residence $18. Miss Katie Waltz of Bowling Green took care of the exchange during the day and Miss Maud Croft did the extra hours. By April there were 60 subscribers. Soon after Miss Waltz resigned and then Miss Croft took over the day work. Miss Lulu Volk was the night operator. Toledo was a toll call. After three years it was necessary to install a second switchboard to handle the long distance calls. Miss Ruby LaFarree was the long distance operator, with Miss Amelia Pfiester as substitute. Robert Thronton [sic] took over the night exchange.
In 1904, the Maumee Valley Telephone Co. took over Mr. Hilliard's exchange. Officers of the new company were: Pres. J. Davis; Vice-Pres. A. C. Fuller; Treas. N. L. Hanson; Sec'y and Gen. Mgr. R. R. Hilliard. A year later, the Northern Ohio Telephone Co. took over the exchange at Perrysburg, Maumee and Waterville with W. F. Robinson Pres.; H. M. Perrin Vice-Pres.; C. F. Chapman Jr. Sec'y., and J. S. Brailey Treas. with Mr. Hilliard as manager. There were now, in 1905, 575 subscribers. In August 1905, M. C. Canfield became manager and he was followed by M. V. Jerret in 1908, with Sadie Klinger as chief operator and Edith Hatcher. In the meantime the Ohio Bell became the owners of the exchange.

--The Messenger, Perrysburg, Ohio, July 19, 1962, p. 11 
Hillard, Robert Ross (I20)
3 "...born at Severn Cliffs, county Sussex, near Beachy Head, England, in the year 1622."--A Little Journey to the Home of Elder Pardon Tillinghast, p. 19

My assumption is that "Severn Cliffs" probably refers to Seven Sisters Cliffs, which is just west of Beachy Head, and is near the towns of East Dean and Friston. 
Tillinghast, Elder Pardon (I7728)
4 "...she was b. 12(15)-27(17)-1675, in Springfield, Mass."

--The Holcomb(e) Genealogy, p. 41 
Buel, Martha (I1575)
5 "...was a farmer in Simsbury; deacon in Cong. Church many yrs."

--The Holcomb(e) Genealogy, p. 54 
Holcomb, Roger H. (I1570)
6 "28 Decemb. Nils Joransson ifrån Niutanger och Margrata Pharsdotter [sic] i Nyarna" Family F765
7 "August 18, 1832 - Lewis W. Sifford of Lancaster and Mary McNeill of Greenfield Township were married on August 13th."

-Genealogical Abstracts from the Lancaster (Ohio) Eagle Newspaper 13 July 1815 to 14 October 1837, p. 14 
Family F131
8 "d. 3(2)-5-1740(1)" Holcomb, Nathaniel (I1579)
9 "Dea. Samuel Chapin of Springfield, a character in the Charter Oak story."

--The Holcomb(e) Genealogy, p. 41 
Chapin, Deacon Samuel (I1583)
10 "drowned when young"

--Van der Mark Ancestry, p. 138 
Van der Mark, Jacobus (I575)
11 "February 6, 1823 - Mary, wife of John Cheney of Bloom Township, died on February 2nd."

--Genealogical Abstracts from the Lancaster (Ohio) Eagle Newspaper 13 July 1815 to 14 October 1837, p. 7 
LaFarree, Mary Ann (I410)
12 "He was a Rep. from Simsbury and Windsor to the Gen. Court of Ct., 1703-6; 1720-2; farmer."

--The Holcomb(e) Genealogy, p. 41 
Holcomb, Nathaniel (I1579)
13 "Mrs. Dall DeWeese and son of Canon City, Col., are visiting her sister, Mrs. Hartley Bewley of Piqua. They were guests Monday of C. E. Miller of Eldean. Mrs. DeWeese is the wife of the famous big game hunter."
--The Piqua Daily Call, Vol. XXII, No. 205, Wednesday, June 14, 1905, p. 6

"Dall DeWeese of Canon City, Colorado, started the 17th of November for a hunting trip to New Foundland where he killed three Caribou bucks. Mr. DeWeese will stop off enroute home for a few days with his sister Mrs. Mary Dawley [sic], who resides on the Piqua pike south of the city."
--The Piqua Daily Call, Tuesday, November 20, 1906, p. 8 
Deweese, Mary L. (I2172)
14 "mszkodzenie kregoslupa," translated by Maciej Szudy as "Hurt during the war," but it looks like it means that her spinal cord was damaged. Kaminska, Anna (I33)
15 "of Philipse Manor that part now Mt. Pleasant"

--The Hatfields of Westchester, p. 41 
Bonnet, Peter (I736)
16 "of Windsor" Buel, Peter (I1576)
17 "One of the original founders of Hartford, Ct."

--The Holcomb(e) Genealogy, p. 41 
Bliss, Nathaniel (I1581)
18 "The State of Ohio, Wood County, s. s. I hereby certify that on the 12th day of April, A.D. 1848, by notice of a license from the Clerk of the Court of Common Pleas within and for said County, Franklin Dennis and Sarah Smith were legally joined in marriage by me a justice of the Peace in and for said County. Given under my hand this 20th day of April A.D. 1848
Thomas Thompson, J. P." 
Family F92
19 "urodz. 1833 we wsi Dulabka"--born in the country Kaminski, Maciej (I2586)
20 "urodzony...we wsi Cieklin..."--born in the country Szudy, Jan (I102)
21 HENRY H. KIRCH, miller, at Dover Mill, born in Arena, Iowa Co.; resides in town of Mazomanie; P. O. Mazomanie; he was born in Germany, in 1847; came to this country with his parents, Nicholas and Barbara Kirch, in 1857; his father settled in the town of Berry, Dane Co.; his father now lives in the village of Mazomanie, where he owns considerable property; also owns the Dover Mill, of which Henry is miller. Henry H. was married to Sophia Felance [sic]; they have two children--Eda and Nicholas.
--History of Dane County, Wisconsin (1880), p. 1050 
Kirch, Henry (I38)
22 1 : 4m : 1655 Law, Rebecca (I2819)
23 1 of her 3 children living in 1900, per census Maxwell, Mary Ann (I1229)
24 1 Thomas Van der Mark, the progenitor of the Van der Mark family in America, was born in Holland in 1643. He settled at Esopus (now Kingston), Ulster Co., N.Y., about 1665, and soon thereafter removed to the new settlement of Marbletown near by, where he died in 1724, aged 81 years. He married Jacomyntje Jacobs about 1674. She died April 2, 1693. Both are buried in the cemetery adjoining the old Reformed Dutch Church at Marbletown. All of their ten children were probably born in Marbletown, although it is possible that some of them were born in Kingston. The date of their marriage and the dates of birth or baptism of three of their children were not found, but there is sufficient evidence to justify the years given as being approximately correct. For his military record see Appendix.

--Van der Mark Ancestry, p. 105 
Van der Mark, Thomas (I636)
25 10 Frederick Van der Mark (son of Thomas 1), b. Marbletown, bap. Kingston, Dec. 16, 1688; m. (KgM 390) June 21, 1718, Geertjen Tack, bap. April 13, 1701, dau. of Cornelis and Barbara (Metselaer) Tack.

Frederick received land from his father in March, 1718, just before he was married, when his father was evidently dividing his land among his children. This land was on the south side of Esopus Creek at Marbletown, opposite Thomas's home land.

The records of 1712, 1720 and 1728 show that Frederick was a freeholder and inhabitant of Marbletown and was taxed there. When he moved to Rochester (now Accord) is not known, but he sold some land in Marbletown as late as 1730 to Arie's son Thomas, and in 1747 his daughter Barbara was married in Marbletown. No record of his death, nor of land transfers in Rochester (now Accord), has been found. For his military record see Appendix.

--Van der Mark Ancestry, p. 108

Frederick, 10. (Erroneously printed Roderick). In 1715 in a foot company of Ulster Co., N.Y., Militia from Marbletown, Capt. William Nottingham, Regt. of Col. Jacob Rutsen. Au.: CMR, Vol. 1, p. 562.

--Van der Mark Ancestry, p. 310 
Van der Mark, Frederick (I618)
26 10-PELATIAH MASON, (1-Sampson) born April 1, 1669 near Providence Ferry in Rehoboth, Mass. He married, May 22, 1694, Hepsibeth Brooks, daughter of Timothy and Mary (Russell) Brooks. She was born probably in Woburn, Mass. about 1673 and died in Swansea, August 24, 1727. A tradition, probably from the records gathered by a grandson of Pelatiah Mason, says that he married a second, third and fourth wife and lived with the last wife for twenty-one years. There appears to be no recorded proof of any but the first marriage and the conveyances by Pelatiah Mason recorded after the death of his wife Hepsibeth, make no mention of a wife nor is there any release of dower. He was a tanner and shoemaker by trade and his homestead was on the highway leading from the Great Bridge--now known as Myles Bridge--to Mattapoisett, now Gardner's Neck in Swansea. He made no will, having distributed his real estate among his sons some years prior to his death. April 28, 1724, he conveyed to his eldest son, Job Mason, a lot of forty acres of land probably adjoining his own homestead. August 31, 1747, he conveyed to his sons Job, Russell and John, several lots of land for love and small sums of money and it is probable that these lots included all his real estate. He held several minor town offices in Swansea and appears to have been an active member of the Second Church. He died March 29, 1763 and is buried in a small family burial lot in an orchard probably a part of the homestead conveyed to his son Job in 1724. The location is a little more than a mile north-west from the meeting-house of the Second Church. His grave is marked by a rough field stone bearing the inscription P. M.--94--1763. The grave of his wife is marked by a similar stone inscribed H. M. 1727.

Children of Pelatiah and Hepsibeth (Brooks) Mason.

32. i. Job, born February 28, 1695.
ii. Elihu, born January 1, 1696-7; died April 11, 1719.
33. iii. Elisha, born January 11, 1698-9.
iv. Samuel, born January 30, 1701; died in 1709.
34. v. Aaron, born March 8, 1703.
vi. Anne, born June 9, 1705; died May 26, 1776.
35. vii. Elizabeth, born June 18, 1707.
viii. Hepsibeth, born December 19, 1709; died Dec. 19, 1731.
36. ix. Pelatiah, born December 16, 1711.
37. x. Russell, born April 21, 1714.
38. xi. John, born October 4, 1716.
The children were born in Swansea, Mass.

--Genealogy of the Sampson Mason Family, pp. 29-30 
Mason, Pelatiah (I1241)
27 11: 6 mo. 1644 Leaver, Prudence (I1444)
28 115. THOMAS LEAVER, "linen-weaver," had an acre and half house lot, 1643; married 1 Sept., 1643, Mary Bradley. He was town clerk from 1657 to 1683, with a few years' intermission, and often one of the selectmen. He died 26 Dec., 1683. His estate was settled by agreement between his widow and son (Essex Probate, 304: 82). His widow, Mary, died 4 Oct., 1684.

--Early Settlers of Rowley, Massachusetts, p. 228 
Leaver, Thomas (I1417)
29 12 May 1844, per death certificate, but the age confirms that 1846 is correct Norton, Ella G. (I395)
30 15: 12 mo. 1660 Burpee, Sarah (I1451)
31 1713, according to Denison genealogy Family F855
32 1771 Household Examination lists her birth year as 1728 and her age as 43, but then also lists her age as 27 in the margin Johansdotter, Kjerstin (I2471)
33 1802 per the biography of the Taylor family in the Yates County Chronicle. 1805 per the biography of the Taylor family in the History of Yates County. Family F618
34 1816 according to William Hall's obituary Family F295
35 1855, per her father's biography in the Chapin Book of Genealogical Data Chapin, Polly (I6224)
36 1857 according to the 1900 census, but her gravestone says 1856 Downs, Lula M. (I5647)
37 1862 per the History of Yates County Ackley, Sarah (I1998)
38 1863, per the 1900 Census France, Amasa S. (I22)
39 1867 per gravestone, 1868 per 1900 census. Musser, Benjamin F. (I3589)
40 1870, per death certificate Priebe, Edith (I1630)
41 1872, per his death certificate, but 1871 per the 1880 census, where he was listed as 9. Clark, George W. (I62)
42 1874, per the 1900 census Dennis, Cora (I362)
43 1895 per obituary Fell, Winifred (I1631)
44 19 Jul 1841 per biography
1840 per gravestone
18 Jul 1840 per obituary

His obituary lists his birthplace as "Woldeck, Mecklenburg, Strelitz, Germany"--this could possibly refer to the village of Woldegk in the Mecklenburgische Seenplatte district of Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania. 
Toepfer, Otto (I2768)
45 19 March 1892, per F. B. Adams' biography Family F1460
46 1900 census enumerator Brandt, Harland D. (I2141)
47 1900 census indicates 1897 Family F728
48 1900 Census lists her as being born in August 1836 Gallagher, Winifred (I1616)
49 1941 according to Helen's obit Family F1079
50 2 of 3 of her children were living in 1910, according to the census Victoria (I2375)

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