Hiking at Indian Lake

A few weeks ago, we went for a hike at Indian Lake County Park. It was the first time we’d taken Eoin and Lily hiking.

Eoin at Indian Lake--October 9, 2011

Eoin sitting at the end of the trail overlooking Indian Lake

Lily at Indian Lake--October 9, 2011

Lily looking inside the chapel at Indian Lake

Kaleidoscopic Lily

Lily as seen through her kaleidoscope 08/14/2011

This picture of Lily was taken through her kaleidoscope. I think it kind of works, in a way.

Happy First Birthday, Lily! (a few days late)

Lily's First Birthday

Eoin and Lily Enjoying Autumn in Wisconsin

Lily having fun on the playset:
Lily enjoying the playset

Eoin climbing up the ladder:
Eoin climbing a ladder

Eoin and Lily and the Snail Chair

Eoin and Lily

Spaceman Eoin and Lily the Martian Baby

Eoin and Lily 2010-07-03

Lily’s First Trip

On Saturday, we took Eoin and Lily down to Dubuque to the National Mississippi River Museum. Eoin had a great time. Lily, being 8 weeks old, seemed fairly bored, but seemed interested in the fish. Here is a picture of Jodie and Lily on a steamboat:

Jodie and Lily in Dubuque

Eoin being silly…

Eoin making silly faces

My Szudy Ancestors

Well, it’s not fancy, but I’ve added a page showing my Szudy ancestry here. I’ll work on expanding this in the coming weeks, as well as adding a couple more pages to the genealogy page.

Back in Wisconsin

Well, we’re back in Wisconsin after a 2800 mile, 10 state trip for Christmas. We spent the run-up to Christmas with Jodie’s parents in Georgia, then we drove up to North Carolina to spend Christmas at her sister Kris’ house. Here’s a picture of Eoin enjoying one of the toys that Santa brought him in NC:

Eoin Szudy, Christmas 2009 in NC