Happy 200th Birthday, Adam Dunlap

Adam and Harriet Dunlap

Happy 200th Birthday to my great-great-great grandfather, Adam Dunlap, who was born December 18, 1813 in Marcellus, Onondaga County, New York. History nerds may be interested to know that just over 150 miles to the west, British troops were preparing for their sneak attack on Fort Niagara that would be [...]

My Szudy Ancestors

Well, it’s not fancy, but I’ve added a page showing my Szudy ancestry here. I’ll work on expanding this in the coming weeks, as well as adding a couple more pages to the genealogy page.

A Brief Biography of Maciej (Matt) Szudy

I came across this brief biography of my great-grandfather, Maciej Szudy (1892-1986), in a letter written to me by my grandfather, Leonard Albin Szudy (1920-2002). The letter is dated February 15, 2001 and gives a heavy dose of property history:

“At 15 years of age my father went to Hungary to work in a coal [...]

Mystery Wedding Photo

This photo confuses me:

The photo is dated 1912, and the groom (assuming that the man in the photo is the groom and not the best man or some such attendant) looks a lot like my great-grandfather Maciej (Matt) Szudy, who was married in 1913 to Helen Michalak (see earlier post). This photo raises [...]

Szudy-Michalak Wedding Photo

Here is a wedding photo of Maciej (Matt) Szudy and Helena (Helen) Michalak. They were married April 19, 1913 at the Good Shepherd Catholic Church in Chicago. Jan Wiskiewicz and Agnieszka Michalak (Helen’s sister) were the witnesses.

100 Years of My Szudy Family in America

Well, I didn’t quite get this posted in time, but we are just past the 100th anniversary of my great-grandfather’s arrival in the United States. On November 8, 1909, Maciej Szudy arrived in New York City on board the S.S. Finland, which sailed from Antwerp on October 30, 1909. At the time, he was 17 [...]