Hey, I’m posting this from my phone…fun

Here’s a picture of Otto with me from a couple of months ago. I highly recommend the Snapseed app.

Lily really likes her new dress

Lily really likes her new dress. Thanks, Kris!

Otto doesn’t like the flash on my phone

Otto is startled by the flash on my phone

Eoin and Otto Hanging Out

Here are a couple of pictures of Eoin and Otto hanging out on the day Otto turned 6 weeks old.

Eoin and Otto in the living room

Eoin and Otto in the living room again


Eoin’s Alien Story

Eoin wrote an alien story today. Have a read. The final page is like a poem. According to Eoin, he didn’t get any help with the spelling.

On page 3, the alien in the lower right is holding a strand of the star that it is unravelling.

Legos in Ohio

Last Sunday, we took a trip to the Toy and Plastic Brick Museum in Bellaire, Ohio. It’s well worth a visit if you’re vaguely in the area (we drove 2.5 hours out of the way to go there). That said, try not to go on a hot day–the old school building in which it is [...]

Bubble Boy!

This Saturday, I took Eoin and Lily to the UW-Madison Science Expeditions. Lily enjoyed seeing the Boaz Mastodon at the UW Geology Museum. Eoin enjoyed being enveloped by a bubble:

Eoin in a bubble at the UW-Madison Science Expeditions 04/14/2012


Bucky Time

Not only did Eoin and Lily get their first trip to the Kohl Center today, but they also got to meet Bucky:

Buckingham U. Badger, Eoin, Jodie and Lily

Oh, and the UW Women’s Basketball team thrashed Illinois 72-60.


Lily 22 Months Old

I hope Lily never wants to actually play Uno Moo, since it’s going to be hard to find all of the pieces, which she has been hiding all over the house:

Lily hiding under her bus with a chicken


Hiking at Indian Lake

A few weeks ago, we went for a hike at Indian Lake County Park. It was the first time we’d taken Eoin and Lily hiking.

Eoin sitting at the end of the trail overlooking Indian Lake

Lily looking inside the chapel at Indian Lake